Tea in Sri Lanka

As one of the largest tea exporters in the tea world, Sri Lanka’s central highlands have the perfect eco-system for growing high-quality tea.

Sample the Perfect Cuppa

Tea lovers around the world know that the best cup of tea is produced using tea leaves harvested from single origin tea gardens and the Silvertree tea range is a cut above the rest due to this very reason. Handpicked from globally renowned tea estates tucked away in the hill stations of Sri Lanka, we bring you the ultimate cup of Pure Ceylon Tea by following traditional tea processing practices that maintain the highest quality standards.

Silvertree Green Tea

The Central Highlands of the island are where our mint flavoured green tea is grown amidst some of the most captivating landscapes in Sri Lanka. The temperate climate and environment of the area makes the Central Highlands one of the top tea cultivating regions in the world and arguably the best green tea in Sri Lanka.

Ensuring that our consumers receive every health benefit of a cup of high-quality green tea, the Silvertree green tea leaves are handpicked and processed in a hygienic environment to expel all impurities and deliver the natural goodness inherent in organic tea.

A Brief History of Our Signature Earl’s Grey Tea

The Silvertree Earl’s Grey Tea begins its journey to your cup from the tea estates occupying the central province’s western slopes. The tea estates are perched at a cloud gracing height of 3000 feet and the leaves are handpicked before arriving in our processing factories where it is blended with Bergamot oil which gives the tea its exquisite flavour.

Deep red and clear to the naked eye, the Silver Tree Earl’s Gray has an irresistible aroma as well as citrusy undertones which highlight its unmistakable texture. Named after a 19th century British Prime Minister named Earl Grey, it was a nobleman from China who first presented the speciality tea to the English dignitary.

As one of the globe’s most popular black tea varieties, Earl’s Grey tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold with a splash of lemon, cream or sugar.

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