Sri Lanka Holiday Tours

Is your life currently on auto-pilot with no time for yourself and one busy week blends into another? Feeling like you need to get away from it all? A change of scenery can do wonders and with Silvertree, going on a vacation is now easier than you think!

Taking care of every single detail in your tour itinerary, we provide unforgettable travel experiences in all of our exotic destinations scattered across the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lankan Tours
Vacation in Sri Lanka and explore the pearl of the Indian Ocean in all its splendour with our Sri Lanka holiday tours that include cultural, beach and wildlife tour.
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Maldives Holidays
Azure waters and clear blue skies is a typical Maldivian view you won’t tire of. Above the turquoise waters, you’ll find the mesmerising islands and below, untouched, colourful corals and breathtaking marine life.
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Seychelles Holidays
A sun-kissed haven for beach lovers and water sports fans, uncover what makes the Seychelles a wondrous vacation hub with our Silvertree tour options.
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