Embassy of Sri Lanka hosts Aeroflot in Oslo

The Embassy of Sri Lanka hosted an event to mark the launch of the Moscow-Colombo direct route by Aeroflot. The guests were welcomed by the Second Secretary Mrs Samanmali Atalugama. Presentations were given by the Ambassador Arusha Cooray on Sri Lanka tourism, Mr Gonzalo Peluffo, Sales Manager of Aeroflot Norway, on the new flight to Colombo and Mr Rizwan Wadood, the owner of Silvertree, a Sri Lanka travel company based in Oslo, on Sri Lanka tours.

23 guests attended the event. Guests included travel agents based in Norway, and travel writers. The event included a quiz, of which the first prize was 2 economy class air tickets, given by Aeroflot and 2 nights accommodation presented by Silvertree. This was won by a Norwegian travel writer.